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Our Services

Our strategic operation plans give you the primary edge and control over current market services. Data is an effective force, staying up with the latest technology has to offer plays a key part in serving any transaction.

Unit Placement

Through exhaustive cost examination, point by point marketing investigations and significant development capability, we can create root distribution techniques to a unit by unit premise. Exploiting each space accessible won't just give you the most extreme utility but will amplify your net revenues also.


Being visible is fundamental for advertising your timeshare/membership. Our distinctive marketing channels will get your unit out there, opening your property to the most elevated level of potential purchasers. Our closing rate for each promoting channel is accounted for our clients through point by point week after week movement records.

Money Management

Our solidified bookkeeping and accounting framework produces month to month budgetary articulations (wage explanations, monetary record and income sheets) in addition to both periodic and year end reports.

Overview of our Services

  1. Our full-service brokers are extremely useful for their expertise.
  2. Deciding to sell. Consider what is  happening in the broader market and what is best for your particular situation.
  3. Choosing an agent. Your agent will be in charge of advertising, showing and completing the legal requirements of selling/leasing your property, so choose carefully.
  4. Determining your selling price and property inclusions comes next. Your property’s location, size, age and features will be assessed, as will the current market and area trends.
  5. Going on the market. Prospective buyers interested in your property will contact your agent and arrange a time for mediation and negotiation of a price.
  6. Sale and negotiation. Your agent will mediate between you and buyers to reach a mutually acceptable price. The buyer will then pay a deposit.
  7. Under Contract. Both seller and buyer’s chosen escrow agency and banks will work out the details of the sale to ensure both parties meet all legal and financial requirements.
  8. Settlement Day. All going to plan, you’ll relinquish the keys and legal rights to your property in exchange for the balance of payment from the buyer or their bank. 

Liquidating your Property


Reliable resale solutions for sellers (with no upfront fees).

An unmatched selection of fairly-priced real estate property and vacation property.

Our Promise to Sellers.

We understand that simply advertising your real estate property and vacation property is not your goal.

You want to get your real estate property and vacation property sold.

We strive to maintain an attractive environment and a steady stream of interested potential real estate property and vacation property buyers, and a stress-free process to help make your sale as smooth as possible.


We work with an experienced team of appraisers to ensure you're getting your money's worth for your assets or land.

We appraise all types of property! We are FHA and USDA approved.

If you are selling or refinancing your home, it will be to your benefit to see that the appraisal process goes smoothly. 

There are several things that you can do prior to the arrival of the appraiser that can ensure a proper and accurate appraisal.

  • Providing the required property access.
  • Gather important legal documents.
  • Locate previous property documents.

If you have any questions, we will gladly assist you.